Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Job,School Days, Dance & Two Toofers

This week is a big one for the Hoppers family...
First, Trevor started his new job at WeightWise this week. He is the new "Chief Operating Officer" and will be overseeing the program. He loves it so far and we are blessed that this opportunity opened up for him.
Second, Addie started "school" or Mother's Day Out on Monday at Church of the Servant. Where are the pictures??? Well, it was too hard to take them of her as they were prying her (kicking and screaming) off from around my neck. :( Addie is a homebody and likes to hang out with her Mama most of the time. Seeing her be so upset was hard for me too. I am hoping and praying that tomorrow's drop-off will be better...Her teachers said that she did great after a few minutes and actually enjoyed herself.
Addie also started her Tap/Ballet Beginning Combo Class this week at Studio J Dance Studio. I had to keep fighting back my tears of happiness and excitment as I watched her through the class window. She was precious in her tights, leotard and dance shoes. Sigh...:)

Last but not least...Guess who has two toofers??? Last week, I noticed that Liam had two bottom teeth about to pop through. We had a few really rough nights and LOTS of drooling, then, Ta-Da!!!! Two pearly whites! :) They are not sticking all the way out yet, but you can kind of see them if you look really closely.

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year so I am anxiously awaiting the pumpkin patch, Addie's birthday, An Affair of the Heart, Fall decorations, etc. We have lots to look forward to over the next few months!


Deziray Click said...

AWW, the little dancer is too cute, and that smile on Liam is great! Sorry Addie had a rough 1st day at MDO, I am praying for ya!

Angela & Brad said...

tutu cute!!! i'm sure i'll be the same with kinsey whenever i find a dance class for her ;)